1 in 5 adult covid survivors in the United States can develop long covid, CDC says

People in both groups who had a history of one of 26 health conditions in the previous year were excluded from the study – an attempt by researchers to consider therapeutic issues in developing patients as soon as they were cowardly.

The study, which involved patients seen in health facilities using a record system operated by a large medical data company Cerner Corporation, said covid patients included people admitted to the hospital, seen in the emergency department or diagnosed in an outpatient setting. The researchers did not specify how many patients were in each group, one of the various limitations of the study results.

Within 30 days to 365 days of their coronavirus diagnosis, 38 percent of patients experienced one or more new health problems, compared to 16 percent of non-covid patients, the study said. Between the ages of 18 and 64, these problems were somewhat less likely to occur – 35 percent developed long covid problems, compared to 15 percent of uninfected people. In the 65-year-old age group, 45 percent had a new health condition, compared to 19 percent of non-infected people.

Based on this percentage, the study authors calculated that about 21 percent of the young group and about 27 percent of the older group developed health problems that could be attributed to long covid.

The study did not look at patients’ immunization status and did not report characteristics such as race, ethnicity, gender, or geographical location. It also did not identify which coronavirus variants were involved in each case.

The CDC authors conclude that the post-covid situation may “affect a patient’s ability to contribute to the workforce and may have economic consequences for survivors and their dependents.” They added that “care requirements could put a strain on health services” in communities where Covid-19 cases have increased.

Dr Al-Ali said he agreed that those who have covid should be medically evaluated for possible new health problems.

“Now that we have the knowledge that Covid-19 could lead to serious long-term consequences,” he added, “we need to build additional equipment to reduce the risk of long Covid.”

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