A prominent Manhattan physician has been charged with sexual harassment

He replied to an email that he only wanted a friendship with a message, wanted to know how he could be sure and accused him of rejecting his love because he was immature and cowardly.

Mrs. Wesco often reacted less and more harshly. But over the next few years, he began to feel severe, unexplained pain, he said, repeatedly taken to the emergency room. She couldn’t find a doctor who could treat her condition, she said, and in frustration she emailed Dr. Cahill in 2018 to find out if he knew a good doctor in Colorado, where he lived.

He was finally diagnosed with endometriosis which required a certain type of surgery. Specialists were stationed at Lennox Hill Hospital in New York and Dr. Cahill arranged for their case to be taken. “He jumped in and grabbed everything,” he said.

Her health plan would not cover procedures performed outside the state, so Dr. Cahill arranged for their hospital and surgeon to waive their fees. But he insisted that Mrs. Wesco come to him for two preparatory tests.

When Mrs. Wesco objected to an examination on January 30, 2019, according to her lawsuit, “Dr. Cahill insisted that he should complete it as his referral physician. The implication was clear: he had to meet Dr. Cahill’s needs, otherwise he would not be able to accept the surgery he had arranged and what he desperately needed.

During and after that test, Dr. Cahill re-entered her anus, and during the second test, Dr. Cahill caressed her breasts, tore off her paper gown, touched her abdomen and pelvic area, and kissed her on the face. In the case of Mrs. Wesco.

There were no nurses or chaperons in the examination room, as is standard in most doctors’ offices, he said.

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