Amwell, Transcarent has launched new behavioral health offers and more digital

Telehealth giant Amwell has launched a new behavioral health product called the Amwell Comprehensive Behavioral Health Program.

The new program will offer a digital mental health tool including optional coaching and virtual therapy and psychiatry depending on the patient’s needs. Amwell says the latest offer combines behavioral health programs from SilverCloud Health, Which it acquired last summer, and virtual care from providers of its medical group.

“The growing demand for behavioral health care and the growing shortage of physicians are creating a crisis that is leading to worse outcomes and higher costs for the entire healthcare industry,” said Dr. Edo Schweinberg, chairman and CEO of Amwell, in a statement.

“This new program significantly expands our digital care delivery infrastructure and enhances the ability to accelerate our customers’ goals to meet the needs of their patients and members, as well as enable them to close critical gaps in their care.” Necessary behavioral healthcare across settings. “

Meanwhile, employer-centric Transcarent has announced its own behavioral health offer aimed at connecting members to faster care.

Transcurrent says the new program will allow patients to access personal or virtual therapy appointments within three working days across the level of sharpness. They can immediately chat with a physician trained in behavioral health needs assessment and the physician can bring in a psychiatrist if needed.

“We’ve come a long way in reducing the stigma of taking care of your mental health, but many people still don’t feel comfortable acknowledging that this is what they want or need, and are frustrated with finding hundreds of apps and online modules,” the company chief said. Medical Officer Dr. David Jigg said in a statement.

“Increasing access to high-quality therapists and physicians, who may otherwise be unavailable, and empowering members to schedule their own visits at their own pace is a huge step towards normalizing such care and support in the workplace.”

Provider of women’s health-centric hybrids Tia is expanding into reproductive services.

The new line will include fertility testing, counseling and care planning, as well as advice on their options for pregnant patients. Tia already provides gynecological, primary and mental health care and more recently It has expanded its brick-and-mortar footprint in the Gulf.

“As we look beyond post-Ro-America, women’s fertility choices have taken on a whole new meaning,” CEO and co-founder Caroline Witt said in a statement. Women are part of the wider primary care.

“We need to rethink fertility care as part of our integrated women’s physical, mental and reproductive health care, whatever the trip. Tia supports all choices for women to be or not to be guardians on their own terms.”

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