Announces plans for transformation into cerebral controlled substance verification

In the midst of the controversy surrounding the digital mental health company’s prescription practice, and a week after it replaced its CEO, Has revealed a transformation plan focusing on cerebral augmentation and patient experience.

The program, known as the Cerebral Core, aims to review quality practice as well as improve the user and physician experience.

The company said it plans to integrate insurance offers into the network, review its clinical and marketing practices, expand programs for substance abuse disorders, provide more tools for physicians to improve outcomes, and invest in its technology platform.

Why it matters

The new plan comes a week after the announcement of the former CEO and co-founder of Cerebral Kyle Robertson is leaving the company and will be replaced by Dr. David Mau, who has served as the company’s chief medical officer.

Last week, the crashed company also confirmed Internal That it would stop determining the most controlled substance. Cerebral has been under increasing scrutiny for its prescribed procedures for drugs such as Adderall for ADHD, including a federal investigation into possible violations of regulated substance law.

A The former executive has sued Cerebral, alleging that he was fired after expressing concern about prescription practice and patient safety. In her lawsuit, she stated that the goal of Cerebral was to prescribe drugs to all her ADHD patients to increase retention and that the company did not prioritize investigating duplicate shipping addresses in its patient database. The agency said it believed the lawsuits were “without merit”.

Outside of prescription, cerebral palsy has also come under scrutiny Paid social media marketing campaigns and its dealings with staff.

Meanwhile, mental health technology startups Last year saw a big increase in investment, and Cerebral was no exception. In December, Cerebral announced that it had raised $ 300 million, almost six months after the B 127 million Series B. The company was launched in 2020.

On record

“This transformation program reflects a new focus on strengthening the cerebral cortex,” CEO Dr. David Mou said in a statement. “We are confident that the planned initiatives will drive more sustainable growth and sustainability, as well as further our mission to democratize access to high quality mental health care for all.”

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