B2B Telehealth Company Acquires SteadyMD Credentialing Platform Blockhealth

Business-to-business telehealth provider SteadyMD has announced that it has acquired BlockHealth, a clinician licensing and certification platform.

Under the agreement, Blockhealth will continue to operate under its own name. It will offer statewide services including license registration, pair enrollment, license renewal and consultancy services for internal providers of STDMD as well as physicians working for partner organizations.

“SteadyMD’s nationwide, technology-capable and board-certified clinician staff is key to our business, as is our ability to quickly recruit, train and deploy these clinicians in a way that maintains compliance across all 50 states,” SteidMD co-founder and CEO Guy Friedman said in a statement.

“The licensing and certification platform created by BlocHealth will play a key role in helping our clinicians measure more efficiently to better serve patients and our partners.”

Greater trend

Launched in 2016 as a virtual Primary Care Concierge Services, SteadyMD currently provides telehealth technology infrastructure, staffing and operations support for digital health companies, employers, pharmacies, healthcare systems and other healthcare organizations.

In March 2021, the startup announced that it had The Series B raised $ 25 million in funding, almost বছর 6 million almost a year after the series A closed.

Telehealth use has increased since the beginning of the Kovid-19 epidemic because patients and doctors have tried to limit personal interactions. Although telehealth use has declined month-on-month for six of the 12 months to 2021, a The FAIR Health report shows that the use of virtual care is still improving. As of December 2021, telehealth claim lines accounted for 4.9% of the medical claims line nationally, up from 0.2% in December 2019.

Other space agencies include Evisit, which has been raised বি 45 million in Series B funding last year; Truepill, which provides telehealth and digital pharmacy infrastructure; And the stuffing and service vendor Wheel, which announced a $ 150 million Series C increase earlier this year.

On the record

Blockhealth founder Jared S. “We are excited to be joining the StadeMD team,” Taylor said in a statement. “Together, we will have end-to-end solutions for healthcare administration. Our customers can easily store and use their certificate data in one place.”

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