Caregiver Support Startup HomeTrive Increases $ 20M

Caregiver support platform HomeTree has scored $ 20 million in the Series B funding round led by Human Capital.

Other fundraising participants include Allianz and existing investors 7wireVentures and Pitango HealthTech. A raised before startup 2020 18 million Series A in 2020.

What does this mean?

HomeTrive offers support, resources and care for elderly family members or people caring for people with disabilities.

These include the Dari Digital Assistant, which can provide information on issues such as navigating Medicare, finding outpatient caregivers or long-term care, and what to expect when a family member leaves the hospital. Users can connect with human care guides who can help them find their services and provide emotional support.

HomeTrive says it will use the investment to expand partnerships with self-insured employers and insurance planners.

“Many organizations focus solely on the voice minority, but the reality is that carers are a large group of people who are mostly silently suffering. HomeTrive co-founder and co-CEO, said in a statement.

Snapshots of the market

According to a 2020 AARP surveyThe number of Americans with caring responsibilities is growing, with one in five providing support to an adult family member or friend.

Although many respondents say their role gives them a sense of purpose or meaning, it can also come with additional stress. One in four said it was difficult to manage their own health, and one in five reported high financial stress.

Meanwhile, the child boom as the generation ages, and the majority of older Americans As they grow older, they hope to stay at home, with digital health and health technology companies adding senior care and support services.

Dad, who connects with adult helpers who can help with food preparation, transportation, and light household chores, সংগ্রহ raised ডি 150 million in Series de Funding late last year Another support startup called DUOS raised এ 15 million in funding for the series in April.

Amazon Alexa Together launched last year, a subscription service that uses Alexa Voice Assistant to monitor and assist caregivers with family members in their home from a distance.

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