Hyundai Mobis has launched the Health Monitoring Controller

South Korea-based Hyundai Mobis has unveiled an integrated vehicle regulator with Hyundai Motor Group’s vehicle parts and health monitoring capabilities.

What is it about

Known as the Smart Cabin, the controller has four sensors: a 3D camera that captures the driver’s posture, an ECG sensor mounted on the steering wheel, an ear-set sensor to measure the brain waves flowing around the ear, and an HVAC sensor. Cabin temperature or humidity and carbon dioxide levels. It then analyzes the vital signs recorded, including posture, heartbeat, and brain waves.

According to a press release, the device may advise the user to switch to autonomous driving mode if the ECG sensor detects a high level of pressure in the driver. The controller also has the ability to open the window or switch to out-of-circulation mode if it finds too much CO2 level inside.

Why it matters

Hyundai Mobis is working on the development of safety technology that focuses more on the driver than the performance of the vehicle. It expects its latest offer to contribute to turning cars into “mobile health testing centers.”

The company plans to upgrade its smart cabin to add more features such as carcinogen prevention, stress management and drunk driving block. In the future, it is also expected that the regulator will be able to take a vehicle to the emergency room in an emergency like cardiac arrest.

Greater trend

Hyundai Mobis has been bringing bio-health technology to promote public safety in recent years. Following its release, Smart Cabin was launched M.Brain, the first brainwave-based health monitoring system for drivers created by Hyundai Mobis. Smartphone-enabled earpieces can alert drivers if they lose focus while driving.

The company has also added health monitoring features to its cockpit system offer. Known as M.VICS, the system has an ECG sensor, a monitoring camera and a carcinosome reduction technology.

On record

“Our core competitive edge is software solutions designed to dynamically implement healthcare and regulators that enable integrated control,” said Chion Zhao-seng, head of R&D at Hyundai Mobis.

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