Indian personalized care platform Zyla Health bagged $ 1M in Pre-Series A fund

Digital health firm Zyla Health recently raised $ 1 million in a pre-series funding round led by venture capital company Seeders.

The round was also attended by Rahul Jain and Uday Thakkar, co-founders of Supermorphic Investment Group, Epigamia, Udit Goenka, CEO of Pitchground and Sumedha Khoche, founder of Kinderpass.

What does this mean?

Founded in 2017, Zyla provides personal care for a variety of health concerns, including heart, kidney, and liver disease, diabetes, and more recently, COVID-19.

Its platform is embedded with an Athena-owned AI engine that helps care teams recommend personalized interventions. It also has a chatbot powered by advanced natural language processing that can decrypt and understand open-ended chat messages from users.

Available on both iOS and Android devices, Zyla offers its health management platform to help insurers ensure cost savings, as well as enable corporations and pharmaceutical companies to scale care.

What is it for

Over the past few quarters, Zyla has seen greater traction from insurers and corporations who have increasingly invested in the well-being of their members and employees. To take this opportunity, “Zyla will use the funds to strengthen leadership and invest in consolidating Zyla’s care products. [Indian health] Ecosystem for growth, ”said Khushbu Agarwal, CEO and Founder.

Snapshots of the market

In the first half of 2022, several digital healthcare companies in India have attracted investment. In April, the telehealth platform Truemeds has raised 22 million in a Series B funding round, which will go into its expansion activities.

Health and fitness companies GOQii recently secured 10 10 million from Hong Kong-based game software and venture capital firm Animoka Brand, to finance the development of its Health Metavers.

In February, mental health startups Hey raised $ 555,000 in a pre-seed fund round.

On record

“The dynamics of personal healthcare [have] There has been a dramatic transformation in recent times. Accuracy, real time, convenience and accurate healthcare management The use of the best digital technology of the new era is the need of the hour. The potential of pioneering companies in this domain is immense and the sky is the limit for such future start-ups. Zyla has quickly made her mark in this landscape and picked it up with the pace of accelerated growth, the times ahead look exciting enough, ”commented Cedars partner Abhishek Rungt.

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