KT Corp. Vietnam is planning to launch a telemedicine platform for chronic diseases

South Korean telecommunications giant Katie Corporation has partnered with health technology company Hure Positive to develop and launch a telemedicine service for chronic disease management in Vietnam.

According to a press release, the telemedicine platform is targeted to launch within a year and will gradually start offering virtual services for diabetics before providing assistance for other chronic conditions such as hypertension. The partners would then like to hire a local medical institution to test their telemedicine services.

Why it matters

According to the latest data from the Vietnam Association of Diabetes and Endocrinology, the number of diabetics in Vietnam has doubled in the last decade. About 14% of its population is prediabetic, including 5.5% of Vietnamese adults between the ages of 20 and 79.

KT wanted its telemedicine platform to reach and assist patients with chronic diseases from remote areas of Vietnam.

Greater trend

KT began entering the healthcare scene in Vietnam in April of this year through a partnership with Hanoi Medical University. The companies have teamed up to provide telemedicine services for patients with chronic diseases and to jointly conduct research on medical AI.

Using Vietnam as a springboard, the telecom firm aims to build a regional telemedicine business to reach millions of patients in Southeast Asia.

In other news, Katie is collaborating with Vietnam National Cancer Hospital to create a data and AI-powered early cancer diagnosis solution.

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