Lunit will provide AI imaging solutions at Boomerang International Hospital

Lunit has partnered with Fujifilm Thailand and Microsoft to bring its AI radiology solutions to Bumrungrad International Hospital, a Bangkok-based private hospital.

According to a press release, Lunit is deploying his chest X-ray analysis software Insight CXR and mammography tool Insight MMG Hospital.

Together with Fujifilm Thailand, Lunit will provide its AI solution in Boomerang using Microsoft Azure, which the company claims will improve the functionality of its software.

Why it matters

Bumrungrad is one of the largest private hospitals in Southeast Asia, with 580 beds, serving more than one million patients each year in 190 countries.

The goal of the hospital is to provide better services through timely detection of breast abnormalities and breast cancer using AI.

“AI will be a helpful tool for human decision making, providing a second opinion for doctors to consider during the diagnostic process,” said Dr. Teradache Viantiravat, Director of Research and Development at Bumrungrad.

Currently, the hospital is using Lunit AI solutions in its check-ups, intensive care units and emergency rooms. Insight CXR and Insight MMG have so far analyzed more than 100,000 images taken each year at the hospital.

Bumrungrad also hopes that AI solutions will help “accelerate the learning curve of junior doctors with less experience reading pictures”.

Lunit says it plans to further assist Boomerangrad to “drive groundbreaking medical innovations across Southeast Asia.”

Greater trend

Earlier this year, a similar installation agreement was signed between Lunit and Egypt-based Bahia Foundation. The non-profit charitable group, which provides free care for breast cancer patients, has adopted Lunit Insight MMG.

In other news, Lunit recently underwent a chest X-ray and mammography solution The market in Canada has been cleared for release. This follows the approval of the US Food and Drug Administration for the same AI products last year.

Last month, Lunit submitted a registration statement to the Korean Exchange for an initial public offer this July. The company plans to issue a total of 1.12 million shares between $ 34- $ 38.

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