Mental health benefits extend to family care with startup Spring Health

Providers of mental health benefits With the acquisition of Spring Health Weldon, the space for families and pediatricians is expanding.

Weldon provides guidance to parents on mental well-being through group support and educational content, in addition to chatting with therapists, social workers and parent trainers. These include sleep, pain, grief, screen time, and overall child development.

“We are thrilled to continue our mission to join the Spring Health team and to streamline the access of mental health professionals, especially those who support parents,” Weldon co-founder Mark Burrell said in a statement. “When we learned of SpringHealth’s precise, personalized and proven care model that it was the only comprehensive global solution for the family, we immediately felt that our values ​​had come together and we were forced to join the team.”

Burrell will join Spring’s product team with his co-founder and sister Lynn Burrell.

In addition to family support tools, Spring has announced that it will expand its offerings for substance abuse treatment and coaching, as well as increase access to its global platform.

Why it matters

With Weldon The contract, spring will extend to parents and child mental health support, a major concern in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic. Its ratio In the first months of the epidemic, visits to the mental health-related emergency department for children and adolescents increased. Meanwhile, parents said they have struggled to manage their childcare responsibilities and their own mental health has deteriorated.

“The epidemic has exacerbated the mental health crisis for parents and children, accelerating the need for our one-stop solution for family mental health care across a wide spectrum of ages and needs,” said April Koh, co-founder and CEO of Spring. “We are fortunate that Mark and Lynn have joined us, bringing with them a profound knowledge of the skills and unique struggles of parents and families as a whole.”

Greater trend

In September, Spring announced that it had been raised সি 190 million in the Series C fund, valued at $ 2 billion. Since then, the mental health-focused startup has been expanding its leadership team with new hires at the end of April.

Although the overall digital health fund With the first quarter of this year declining, mental health organizations still invested 1 billion, according to a report by Rock Health. From CB Insights 2020 to 2021, funding for mental health technology companies increased 139%, to $ 5.5 billion worldwide.

Aerospace includes other companies Headspace Health, Lyra Health and BetterUp. Meanwhile, there are a growing number of companies focusing on pediatric spaces, including Brightline, Debrek Health and Little Otter.

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