Mental health startup TheShareCo has launched a mobile app in Singapore

TheShareCo, a company under education technology startup Tueetor, has gone live in Singapore with a mobile mental health app.

What does this mean?

Available on both iOS and Android devices, the Share app offers online on-demand counseling around the clock for individuals or groups. It has a video telephony module, with annotations and chat tools.

According to a media release, registration is not required for those who will access the app’s free resources.

For users with online consultation, they do not have to wait long and fill out long pre-consultation questions.

First, they need to address the issues and choose the language of their choice. They also have the option of booking a therapist on the spot or on schedule. Then, the platform will match them directly and instantly with a therapist. After a session, the app will charge them a flat price regardless of whether it was a person or group counseling.

The online tutor marketplace Tueetor and the Tutor on-demand app have created the same team share behind the 10-minute tutor.

In addition, Shares also offers a corporate package that includes three therapy sessions per month.

Why it matters

In a survey conducted by the Institute of Mental Health in Singapore between 2020 and 2021, about 13% of Singaporean adults over one thousand claimed that they had experienced symptoms of depression or anxiety during the epidemic.

At the same time, young Singaporeans surveyed by the National Youth Council shared that the epidemic has challenged their mental health.

Feelings of isolation among seniors surveyed by the Center for Research on Successful Aging at Singapore Management University have also increased sharply.

TheShareCo’s latest mobile app adds a lot of resources available to Singaporeans who are dealing with mental health issues. It claims to offer an affordable and accessible service by combining discovery, booking, consultation, review and payment into a single app.

“The lives of precious people are at stake here, and I strongly believe that if we can somehow help tackle the problem, especially through technology, we should sincerely explore it. Losing a life is too much,” said Tan, founder of TheShareCo. Han Singh says.

Snapshots of the market

In the first half of the year, two Singapore-based mental health startups invested to accelerate their expansion across APAC. In January, Intellect has secured $ 10 million in a series of funding rounds, which it will use to scale faster across the region.

Next month, the corporate mental health and wellness platform MindFi has scored $ 2 million in the seed fund, which it plans to use to localize its products within the region.

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