Mercury Healthcare acquires WebMD analysis expert

Digital health content and services provider WebMD has announced that it has acquired technology and data analytics company Mercury Healthcare from private equity firm Wester Capital Partners for an undisclosed amount.

Through the agreement, Mercury will join the WebMD provider, focusing on the company’s business consumer-physician engagement and clinical education. Mercury’s analytics solutions are designed to give the health system the ability to analyze, target and communicate meaningful information to the target patient, as well as provide transparency and performance data to the provider.

The company also offers services that target patient-containment strategies, patient-placement solutions, including a library of pre-built connectors and APIs, and data analysis solutions with tiered data layering and predictive models.

“The addition of Mercury Healthcare accelerates our goal of communicating every decision point in the patient’s journey, from discovery to recovery,” said Ann Billy, general health and group general manager at WebMD Provider Services, in a statement.

He called Mercury’s acquisition a “major investment” in WebMD’s ongoing strategy to empower clients with the best data, content, technology and services.

“The integration of these two industry leaders will strengthen each healthcare system with the necessary solutions so that each patient receives the care they need to ensure when and how they need it,” Billy continued.

Why it matters

According to a recent interview with Kyruus’s Scott Andrews on HIMSS TV and HealthSparq’s Harlan Edlin, the epidemic has made a big difference in the relationship between consumers and their healthcare providers.

As the channels of patient care become more fragmented, it is vital that coordination in patient-provider communication becomes more integrated.

Greater trend

The agreement follows the acquisition of WebMD’s Wellness Network last July, which creates educational resources and engagement tools for patients and includes a library of video and printable resources that touch 24 therapeutic areas.

In February WellSky announced plans to acquire patient-recruiting tools TapCloud, a patient-oriented app that allows users to interact with physicians and report symptoms,

Clinically, providers can access information about patient-reported outcomes. EHR-agnostic technology allows doctors to communicate with patients.

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