Neuroizer’s digital brain screening tool comes to Parkway Shenton

Neurowyzr, developer of a neuroscience-based digital solution in Singapore, has partnered with primary healthcare provider Parkway Shenton to launch its online brain screening tool.

What does this mean?

The company’s Digital Brain Function Scan (DBFS) is a medical-grade brain health assessment that can be performed on the web based on a doctor’s prescription. Registered with the Singapore Health Sciences Authority, the online tool evaluates various functions of the user’s brain, including memory, working memory, attention and executive functions. It automatically generates a report which is sent directly to the patient’s doctor.

Why it matters

By age 30, one in 10 adults already experiences mild cognitive impairment, which increases with age. People with undiagnosed and untreated or poorly controlled chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, are at higher risk for these types of brain health problems.

It is therefore advisable for all adults to include cognitive screening of the brain as part of their routine healthcare screening.

Neurowyzr claims that its DBFS avoids pen-and-paper testing and enables early detection of cognitive decline which can be timely and costly. It allows people to be “active and resilient” to their brain health.

“With the growing treatment, social and economic understanding of chronic non-communicable diseases, governments and agencies should pay more attention to the brain health of citizens and employees,” said CEO Pang Sejyun.

Neuroizer says it expects to sign more partners in the “coming months”.

Snapshots of the market

Australian Neuroscience Tech Firm Cogstate recently launched its digital brain assessment tool, CogMate, in Taiwan and Hong Kong. The web-based tool renders a brain performance indicator that measures aspects of knowledge, such as memory and decision making. Cogstate also shared plans to launch its digital solution in Singapore and other Asian markets soon.

Last year Brain Check, the most recognized name in Brain Health Space, has raised লোক 10 million from Series B funds to help more people and organizations adopt its digital cognitive assessment platform.

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