New and notable: What I read this week is version 184

Weekly research

The Western world is lagging behind in processing meat.

Keto helps patients with severe mental illness who do not respond to other treatments.

Different effects on overall mortality among covid vaccines.

Natural immunity still works.

At least in England and Wales, extreme cold was more responsible for excess deaths than extreme heat.

New Primal Kitchen Podcast

Primal Kitchen Podcast: Former City Slicker and TickTock Sensation Brian Briganti talks about homesteading and permaculture

Primary Health Trainer Radio: A Holistic Method for Your Money

Media, Schmidia

Circadian medicine goes mainstream.

Nice piece against baby food pouch.

Interesting blog post

A response from George Manbiut.

Don’t let the nerves control you.

Social notes

Important to remember: Cigarettes are still bad for you.

Incredible story.

Respect the sun.

Everything else

Did you know that dolphins choose their names? Here’s how.

Which whisk whisk is better?

Things that I’m interested in

Interesting: The dog freely chooses a macronutrient ratio of 30% protein, 63% fat and 7% carbohydrate.

Attractive paper: on heavy metal.

Interesting find: Fasting can help against COVID.

Mistake: Fake meat is the “best investment” for the climate.

Interesting study: How pregnancy affects marathon time.

The question I’m asking

Are you worried about Kovid anymore?

Recipe Corner

  • Thai chicken mango salad is very fresh for summer.
  • Carnivorous fried chicken strip.

Time capsules

One year ago (July 2 – July 8)

  • What causes intrusive anxiety and how to stop it how to do it.
  • 8 Recovery Methods: What to do after your workout — How to make the most of your training.

Comments of the week

“I don’t have snake oil right now, but I know it’s amazing to burn calendula balm made with avocado oil and some wax. Burnt from a hot pan or a bad sunburn, it will turn into a mild one in a painful blow. It also works very well to reduce inflammation from bee bites and bug bites.

The downside is that depending on how widespread the sunburn is, you have to see if you’ve been in Vaseline for one or more days. “

– Excellent burn care tip from JP.

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