PainChek to create pain assessment app for children with disabilities

PainChek is creating a version of its mobile pain assessment and monitoring app for children with non-verbal disabilities.

Its development has been supported by a grant of A 392,820 (approximately $ 260,000) from the State Government of Western Australia as part of the Innovation Innovation Seed Fund. The fund raised a total of A $ 8 million ($ 5.45 million) in 17 projects focusing on the health and well-being of Western Australians.

The title of the project is, “Identifying Pain in Children Who Can’t Tell You It Hurts: Paincheck for Children with Disabilities,” led by Jenny Downs of the Telethon Kids Institute with Paincheck.

Why it matters

According to a media release, the project aims to create a digital tool that will allow quick and accurate identification of pain to improve pain management for children who communicate non-verbally.

“Pain is common among children living with disabilities and can have a significant negative impact on their quality of life. For those who are caring for these children, it can be challenging to know when they are in pain,” said Jeff Hughes, chief scientific officer at Paincheck.

The PainChek app uses AI and facial recognition to identify pain for those who cannot self-report. It is being launched worldwide in two stages – the first for adults and the second for children who have not yet learned to speak. Both versions have received regulatory clearance in various markets, including Australia, Europe, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Singapore and Canada.

Paincheck said it would have the exclusive right to use the intellectual property of the upcoming app for commercialization. It will have “a universal, non-revocable, exclusive and enduring right to develop or refine future pain assessment tools.”

Greater trend

Two weeks ago, ASX-listed PainChek placed an entitlement offer and a share placement to raise about $ 4.59 million to accelerate its global rollout. In particular, the funds will help develop a paycheck app for children.

In May last year, the company received approval in Europe and the UK to commercialize its Paycheck Infant app. It has been cleared for use in children aged one to 12 months.

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