Pediatric Teletherapy Company Launches Dotcom Therapy Parent Support App

Pediatric teletherapy company Dotcom Therapy announced Wednesday that it has acquired Wolf + Friends, a support app for parents of children with special needs, mental health concerns and learning disabilities.

It marks the first acquisition of dotcom since its inception in 2015 As part of the deal, the Wolf + Friends’ community app will be re-launched this summer to include support groups to include dotcom’s mental health professionals as well as educational content and expert quizzes.

Jenna Mann, co-founder of Wolf + Friends MobiHealthNews The company was considering another funding round in early 2020 but that was scrapped due to the onset of the Covid-19 epidemic. Between distance learning and running a home-based business, Mann and co-founder Carissa Toji decided to look for someone to acquire the community.

“So, we managed it until we probably got to the point where we realized we weren’t able to grow the business the way we wanted it to in order to serve the community properly,” Mann said.

“We reached out to our community on Instagram to say, ‘We really want to continue this. But we are unable to do it ourselves.’ We were thrilled when Dotcom responded and wanted to take responsibility. “

Why it matters

Rachel Mac Robinson, founder and president of Dotcom, said the updated app would be more user-friendly and would allow parents to connect with mental health professionals as well as their peers.

“I think there’s a lot of data overload. And when we’re rebranding, the key to reviving this community is to keep it neutral, to keep it true-first, to make sure our parents have a professional voice and Supervisors who have first-hand experience, ”he said.

Greater trend

There are several startups in the pediatric mental health space, including parallel learning, most recently. A $ 20 million Series A, and Brightline, which launched a virtual coaching program for parents of children with autism in April.

Mental health care provider Spring Health has recently expanded to include family support Weldon’s acquisition, which provides parent guidance through chats with therapists, social workers and parent trainers as well as group support and educational content with other parents.

Mental health of children is a growing concern, in particular During the epidemic. According to a survey published earlier this year Clothing pediatricsChildren showed an increase in anxiety and depression between 2016 and 2020. Caregivers have also noticed a decline in their mental health and ability to cope with parental needs.

Robinson said: “We are certainly seeing more requests for the service. We are only seeing more requests for education for parents and more requests for teachers on how they can better help children who are struggling with their mental health and how they can better identify it. “. “I think so [these are] Positive change where stigma has been reduced, and people are really trying to be solution-oriented. “

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