Pristine Care enters primary care with the acquisition of Libret

Indian health technology company Pristine Care has purchased an undisclosed amount of mobile health platform Libret as part of its expansion into primary care.

Founded in 2014, the library helps more than 300,000 physicians connect with patients. It claims to have conducted more than 200 million annual interactions in India in the last five years. The company also runs a doctor-oriented app called GoodMD that enables connections between healthcare professionals.

Pristine Care offers secondary care surgery or a minimally invasive procedure through a network of more than 800 hospitals and 400 in-house specialty surgeons. Since 2018, it has been treating patients across its 200 clinics in about 42 Indian cities.

Why it matters

According to a press release, the acquisition of Pristine Care’s Librate facilitates its access to primary care. The company seeks to expand its existing healthcare technology capabilities and primary care offerings in the current wave of digital healthcare in the healthcare industry.

Harsimerbir Singh, co-founder of Pristine Care, said, “In light of the growing demand for online healthcare services, the library is making it a mandatory strategy to give our patients access to primary care through online counseling services.”

Singh said they believe there is a “significant appetite for innovation and growth in healthcare” and that the acquisitions will help “consolidate, scale and increase healthcare delivery resources”.

Pristine Care will soon employ about 150 employees of the library, before plans to add an online doctor consultation service to its range of offers.

Greater trend

Towards the end of last year, Pristine Care raised $ 96 million in a fund round led by Sequoia Capital, Tiger Global and Hummingbird Ventures among investors. The round pushed his valuation to Unicorn status at 1.4 billion.

The library, meanwhile, is backed by Tiger Global, as well as Ratan Tata, former chairman of the Tata Group, and Nexus Venture partners, who invested $ 10.2 million in the platform in 2015.

Currently, there are more than 5,000 health technology startups in India that have cornered nearly $ 1.5 billion since 2014. By 2025, the market value of Indian health technology will be 21.3 billion, Reported by Inc41 last year.

On the record

“The features of Pristine Care strongly resonate with Libret, and the nature of its business strongly complements our offers. It should be allowed to build on each other’s strengths. Pristine Care’s focus on secondary health care We can achieve tremendous coordination, “commented Sourav Aurora, founder of the library.

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