Roundup: Cardiac Files 510 (K) for Dual Blood Pressure, Arterial Health Monitor

Cardiac File 510 (K) for Dual Blood Pressure, Arterial Health Monitor

Cardex, an Australian-listed health technology company, has submitted a 510 (k) premarket to the US Food and Drug Administration for its dual blood pressure and arterial health monitor.

Known as CONNEQT Pulse, the health monitor features CardieX’s FDA-cleared SphygmoCor technology that measures central blood pressure to get multiple arterial health indicators, such as arterial stiffness, pulse pressure and key indicators of vascular health of the brain, heart, and kidneys. And other major organs.

The first addition to SpigMoker will be the Blood Pressure Monitor, the company said.

In addition, the device can be integrated with the CONNEQT mobile app for customers. It can be linked to the CONNEQT Physician Portal to enable remote patient monitoring and management.

Both the Patient App and the Doctor Portal allow you to customize and prioritize the parameters captured by the pulse, enabling personalized insights into specific health conditions.

“For example, a patient at risk for Alzheimer’s may want to prioritize central vascular pressure and arterial stiffness, whereas a patient wishing to manage high blood pressure may prefer both central and brachial blood pressure readings,” the company explained.

4DMedical expands partnerships with I-MED nationwide

Health technology company 4DMedical and radiology service provider I-MED Radiology Network have expanded their partnership nationwide.

I-MED, which operates a network of more than 250 clinics across Australia, has previously entered into a commercial agreement to install 4DMedical’s lung imaging technology at some of its clinics in Berwick, Brisbane, Wagga Wagga, Launceston and Albury.

These clinics have long used 4DMedical’s diagnostic support and disease monitoring tools called XV Lung Ventilation Analysis Software to diagnose diseases such as Covid-19, asthma, COPD and silicosis.

The new three-year deal seeks to bring XV imaging technology to other selected I-MED clinics across the country. Multiple clinics in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth are reportedly ready for launch.

“[The] Dr. Andreas Foras, CEO and Managing Director of 4DMedical, said, “Expanding our proven capabilities nationwide means more people will be able to access the latest technology in respiratory imaging.

As part of the agreement, the two companies agreed to establish a Lung Center of Excellence in Australia using 4DMedical’s XV technology to “enable world-class research and development activities to advance diagnostic imaging”.

Institute of Functional Neuroscience develops neuroplasticity intervention software

The Australian Institute of Functional Neuroscience has launched the Neuroplasticity Intervention application in partnership with US-based life science software company Metacell.

Known as IFN Neurologic, the software is used to intervene restorative neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s ability to change, transform, and adapt in response to experience.

According to a press release, the application will help physicians better serve patients with neurological disorders and provide treatment in the field of effective neuroscience.

“With this new software no installation required and accessible from any web browser in the world, we now have the ability to scale our diagnostic processes faster and reach more patients around the world with the click of a button,” said Dr. Randy Beck, IFN Director.

Piloted last year, IFN Neurologic is now available as part of an affiliate program for clinics and patients worldwide, including a comprehensive education program and other necessary hardware and software.

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