Rural Health Startup Homeward Partners with Right Aid for Caring for Seniors

Rural Health Startup Homeward is partnering with Rite Aid to connect the elderly with clinical services such as wellness monitoring and screening.

This collaboration will allow Right Aid Pharmacists to send Medicare-eligible clients to HomeWord for care. In addition, HomeWord’s mobile care units will be available in some Right Aid locations in rural Michigan, with the goal of expanding to additional markets.

Homeword, which Launched earlier this year with an investment of $ 20 million from General Catalyst, the focus is on providing services to patients at home or virtually through his travel mobile unit. It said it would launch network services for patients covered by Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans, including primary care and cardiology, from the third quarter of this year.

“As we rebuild health and care for rural Americans, we must consider the specific needs of this community and the millions of people living in the so-called desert healthcare. Come on. ‘ Instead, we are creating opportunities for rural Americans to take care of their daily lives and routines, ”CEO Dr. Jennifer Snyder said in a statement.

“Rite Aid is a highly recognized and trusted pharmacy service organization where rural locations serve thousands of people every day. Through our partnerships, we will be able to connect individuals to our services because we can improve access to important, frontline services in those communities.”

Why it matters

According to the CDC, Rural Americans are more likely to die of heart disease, cancer, unintentional injury, COPD and stroke than their counterparts in rural areas. The research is published Clothes Last year the disparity in mortality between rural and large metropolitan areas increased significantly between 1999 and 2019.

Older rural residents were more likely Skip medical care because of the cost, which was more common for black and Hispanic adults.

People living in rural areas also usually have to travel more to get health care. Meanwhile, In 2020 alone 19 rural hospitals were closed, 181 since 2005.

Greater trend

Time a In a panel discussion on ViVE shortly after Homeward’s launch, Snyder, who is also a veterinarian at chronic care management company Livinggo, said the startup focused on rural health because the current healthcare system is designed for urban areas, leaving rural communities vulnerable.

The startup plans to collaborate with existing local health systems, sending patients back to outside providers if necessary.

“We see ourselves as an extension of the current ecosystem, not as a competitor,” he said.

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