Some clinics are not waiting for Roe’s decision to stop abortion

In planned parenthood clinics across the country, phone recordings tell callers that abortions are legal and accessible, but some have aborted abortion schedules.

A banner at the top of the website for Wisconsin Planned Parenthood says: “Our door is open. Wisconsin Planned Parenthood will continue to help patients get the care they need – including safe and legal abortions. However, the agency has decided to close any new abortion appointments after June 25, expecting the court to release its opinion two days after its final decision. Wisconsin still has a book law criminalizing abortion in 1849. .

Dr Ally Linton, the agency’s associate medical director, said the decision was partly due to concerns that patients would be difficult to contact if their appointments needed to be canceled. He added that group leaders were “aware of the significant trauma that could come to patients and staff if we were in the middle of a procedure or in the middle of a procedure day and told patients that we could not care.”

Wisconsin clinics have made contingency plans in the days leading up to this month when the Supreme Court is expected to issue an opinion. Many staff members plan to spend the week of June 27 training at new clinics in Illinois, assuming they need to be relocated so that Wisconsin patients can travel there for care.

In Planned Parenthood Great Northwest, which operates clinics in Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Indiana and Kentucky, five clinics closed last month as the company began changing resources. Idaho, Indiana and Kentucky Rock are expected to ban most abortions if overturned, so the agency is trying to expand telemedicine abortion in the rest of the states and help patients reach out to out-of-state providers.

As clinics schedule new patients, they are warning them that the legal status of abortion may be flowing. “Our patient navigators, when they schedule, give patients a head up and say, ‘Hey, just so you know, there could be a legal change,'” said Katie Rodihan, a spokeswoman for the clinics.

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