Teletherapy startup Sensible Care raised 13M

Sensible Care Skyline, a provider of teletherapy, has scored $ 13 million in a series of funding rounds led by Volition Capital with the participation of investors.

What does this mean?

Founded in 2017, the startup provides virtual therapy and psychiatry services For patients, Including children and couples. Provides sensitive care personally Transcranial magnetic stimulation, a therapy used for patients with depression who do not respond to or cannot use medication.

The company currently operates in California, but plans to use the investment to expand and further develop its platform. Sensible Care says it will focus on states with large populations of patients covered by Tricare, health plans for military service members and their families, such as Texas, Florida and Virginia.

“Our goal is not only to provide patients with on-demand access to mental health care services but also to do so with a level of quality in the long-term patient-provider relationship, which is the foundation of any traditional practice,” CEO Paul Kim said in a statement.

“After experiencing the frustrating barriers to accessing quality mental health care personally, especially for military veterans, my co-founders and I are ready to create a solution that allows patients to access their insurance benefits while paying for providers through technology-enabled employment. Makes the most of it. “

Snapshots of the market

Mental healthcare continues to make up a large portion of telehealth use. According to FAIR Health’s monthly telehealth regional tracker, Mental Health Diagnosis was 64% of the telehealth claim line in April.

Although digital health funding has slowed overall in the first quarter of this year, Rock Health has discovered that mental health is still the top-funded clinical field, bringing in $ 1 billion.

Another company providing virtual psychiatry services is Iris Telehealth, which offers its services along with healthcare, hospitals and community health centers. It has recently announced to raise it বি 40 million in Series B funding.

In December, Hybrid Mental Health Startup Uplift Has scored $ 8 million to add psychiatric medical services and expand geographically. Another psychiatric care startup, TalkieTree, added rounds to the $ 37 million series in early 2022.

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