Temporary Stuffing Marketplace Nomad Health raises 105M

Nomadic healthAn online job portal for temporary healthcare workers, led by Adams Street Partners and Icon Ventures, has raised 105 million.

Other participants in the round include HealthQuest Capital, Polaris Partners, .406 Ventures, AlleyCorp and RRE Ventures, as well as new lenders JP Morgan and Trinity Capital.

The staffing startup said the new capital raised its total to more than $ 200 million. Funding arrives less than a year after Nomad’s announcement $ 63 million in new equity and debt financing.

What does this mean?

Nomad provides a stuffing marketplace for temporary workers, allowing users to search for open jobs across the country, apply for positions, manage an online resume, and filter openings by salary and specialty.

The company plans to use the capital to expand beyond travel nurses to include professionals such as laboratory technicians, physical therapists and ultrasound technicians. It has announced the appointment of Macaulay Shaw as chief marketing officer, who has joined the startup from the trading company Overstock.com.

“The COVID-19 epidemic has unleashed and accelerated the healthcare manpower crisis which was a strong undercurrent in the healthcare sector. A 21st century solution to this scale problem is urgently needed. We are working hard to think differently and apply technology, cutting-edge data science, And best business practices from all industries so that Nomad can serve all types of physicians in the healthcare system more efficiently, effectively and measurablely across the country, ”said CEO and co-founder Dr. Alexei Garib Nazem in a statement.

Snapshots of the market

The shortage of healthcare workers has become a major concern for providers, especially in the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic. A recent report from The American Hospitals Association has found that labor accounts for more than half of the total cost of a hospital. Meanwhile, the report noted a 120% increase in contract or travel nurse job postings from January 2019 to January 2022.

There are now quite a few startups for the technology-enabled healthcare job market. In April, Clipboard Health announced it was Raised $ 80 million across two funding rounds, a $ 30 million Series C that ended in February and a বি 50 million Series B from last year.

IntelyCare, which focuses on nurses and nursing assistants, The company has recently valued সি 115 million in Series C funds, valued at $ 1.1 billion. ConnectRN, meanwhile, announced an increase of $ 76 million in December, while Prolucent Health raised $ 11.5 million in Series A funds.

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