To improve Doctor Anywhere, the cloud communications provider taps Vonage

Singapore-based telehealth company Dr Anyhow has begun adopting a video API from US-based cloud communications provider Vonage to increase telehealth service delivery.

Vonage’s communications platform has over one million registered developers who use its APIs to provide business continuity, remote work and remote delivery of various services. It is fully programmable and allows integration of video, voice, chat, messaging, conversation commerce, AI, and existing product, workflow and system verification.

Why it matters

Last year, the DA reported that its video advice quadrupled in one year while the number of physicians on its platform increased by 70%. Currently, its telehealth platform is used by approximately 2.5 million users across Southeast Asia and 3,000 general practitioners and specialist doctors.

“High quality, uninterrupted video services are essential for us to enhance the customer experience of our platform and provide timely medical services to our rapidly expanding user base,” said DA CEO Lim Y. Moon.

To meet the growing demand for digital healthcare, the company has chosen to adopt Vonage’s Video API to enhance video capabilities for providing medical advice through video counseling and providing self-contained Covid-19 tests under supervision.

“We are confident in strengthening our technological capabilities through the integration of the Vonage Video API, allowing our customers to be served in a timely and efficient manner,” Lim said.

Greater trend

Through its video API, telehealth providers can provide “instant” medical advice, says Sunny Rao, Vonage’s SVP for Global Sales.

Over the years, Vonage has driven the telehealth capabilities of Asia-Pacific healthcare providers.

In February of this year, Australian telehealth firm VisionFlex embedded Vonage’s Video API for quality audio and video connection across its telehealth platform and telehealth devices.

Queensland-based elderly care provider Ferrous Care has tapped Vonage to strengthen its virtual social center, which conducts real-time live-streamed healthcare activities for more than 600 members across the country.

Two years ago, Insung Information, a healthcare solutions developer in South Korea, integrated Vonage’s video APIs into its telehealth devices for improved communication.

On the record

“Demand for digital healthcare continues to grow in the Asia-Pacific region and the market value is expected to reach $ 326 billion by 2030. Patients expect access to digital healthcare tools – a behavioral change accelerated by the epidemic. To meet this growing demand for digital healthcare, Healthcare providers need to adopt a reliable and robust platform to enable fast and efficient telehealth delivery, ”Rao said.

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